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Different Types of Classic Fireplace

Everyone desires to have a gorgeous fireplace to be the focal point of their room. On cold, snowy nights everyone begins to long for sizzling fireplace to keep warm. Being snowed in with a loved one becomes romantic with glass of wine and roaring fire. If your house does not have a fireplace does not mean you cannot buy one of the iconic designer fireplaces. You can also order fire woods online from Firewood Store Bristol to fulfill your desire. It looks like a piece of art but promibristol fire wood suppliesses warmth in winter. These beauties are getting very popular among apartment dwellers.

Types of classic fireplaces

  • Retro-style freestanding fireplaces – Free standing retro-style cone fireplaces, which were popular in 60’s & 70’s are coming back. These groovy units are capable to heat rooms faster in comparison to brick or stone ones. If you desire to stick to retro-roots then you get to select from a variety of brightly-coloured designer fireplaces. You can choose stainless steel, white or black colour for more modern look.
  • Hanging fireplace – Hanging fireplaces rotate 360° and heats the room. This compact stove not only looks great in the open,but also appears wonderful in a corner. Its design is modest and perfectly complements a modern interior.
  • The wood stove – This style dates back to 17th century. Originally, it was designed from cast iron, which has been reinvented with modern angle. The unit is made from durable steel and has rounded large glass door and firewood storage below. In addition, it provides temperature controlled handle along with in-built convection system. This stove is ideally suitable for spaces ranging from sleek modern home to rustic cabin.
  • Apartment dwellers fireplace – These units are fuelled with ethanol and are smoke-free. There is no need for a chimney. These fireplaces can be transported to the next abode and installed easily.
  • Cocoon Fires – The cocoon fires are great for tight city patio or studio apartments. Their design is small and it burns for approximately six hours.
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