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Benefits Of Burning Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are made using plant materials and you can get them in bundle form of sticks or cones. It is widely used in spiritual ceremonies and religious activities. People burn these sticks in their home to increase positivity and remove the negative energies.

There are several benefits of burning them. As they are made from herbs they provide you relaxation and enhance your focus. You can insert the stick in a selenite incense holder to secure it while it is burning. There are different types of incense sticks and each type has different benefits.


Meditation – Most people use incense sticks during meditation as it helps you in concentration, deep attention, and uplifting the spirit. It improves your meditation experience and gives calmness and relaxation to your mind. For example, many Buddhists, light up both candles and incense sticks to clear their mind and get ready for meditation.

Spirituality – When you burn an incense stick, it opens the door of spiritual realms. It uplifts your spirit and gives positive energy. It is used in religious practices, prayer, spell, and invocations. People believe that as the smoke lifts to the sky, it will take your message to God.

Yoga practice – Yoga helps to increase the concentration of mind and makes your body active. You can burn the stick before starting a yoga practice. Its smell makes your mind fresh and allows you to practice better.

Stimulates creativity – Your courage helps to complete your dreams. So, burn the incense stick in your room as its smell will stimulate your ideas, enhance the ability, and improve mind level.

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